Zoono Foot Guard

Zoono Foot Guard


  • GENTLE AND NON-TOXIC – Zoono’s germ defence technology works by mechanical means. Dangerous chemicals are not necessary to kill germs.

  • ALCOHOL-FREE –  Zoono’s body range is water-based, it may take a little longer to dry but it is gentle and doesn't dry out your skin. Zoono Foot Guard uses Zoono's unique mechanical process to kill germs and protect your skin

  • KILLS 99.99% OF GERMS – Germs cannot build up a resistance to our unique formulation. Zoono continues to amaze independent laboratories around the world with outstanding germ reduction results.

  • SUITABLE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - Zoono's foot spray is suitable for the whole family and has been dermatologically tested on a wide range of skin types.

  • PERFECT FOR SPORTS SHOES - Zoono's Foot Guard is perfect for sports shoes, gym gear and school shoes or even yoga mat. Spray affected area and allow to dry naturally before getting into bed.

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